Captain Leveral Raffield

Owner & Operator - Leveral Raffield

Capt. Leveral Has been fishing these waters since the age of 15. His family has been in the fishing business since 1890's.

Captain Leveral's fishing spots have been handed down from generation to generation including private reefs built by Leveral himself You are guaranteed to always be fishing the hottest spots.

Downtown St. Andrews

Recently, Capt. Leveral Raffield, a fourth-generation fisherman, moved his charter boats into the marina at Smith’s Yacht Basin beside the Shrimp Boat Restaurant, where his father and grandfather had docked all through his childhood.

For a century, the Raffield family has been plying the waters of St. Andrew Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a Family Tradition.

We see great strides being made in the neighborhood: restaurants thriving, thrift stores open, weekend markets once again drawing large crowds to the streets as was seen in the middle of last century.

The Raffield Family

Fishing since 1895, the Raffield Family has made it their life’s mission to continue the family business of fishing. Capt. Leveral not only runs Family Tradition Charters, he also represents a family legacy.

Raffield’s father, Leveral Sparkie Raffield, and his uncle, William Jeep Raffield, ran charter excursions out of the same marina for decades.

The first generation of the family to make a living on the water came to Bay County from Eastman, Ga.

They left Georgia in 1890 and arrived in the Auburn community (where Tyndall Air Force Base is) in 1895, Raffield said; it took them so long because they stopped in communities along the way to build churches.