Our History

The Raffield Family started fishing in the area in 1890. Four brothers made the long journey on with an ox and wagon from Eastman, Georgia. In today's standard thats an easy journey by car but in 1890 it took weeks to travel that far. The family started their fishing heritage, fishing for mullet. Salted mullet was big business back in those days. Fast forward several generations to 1940, where Captain Sparkie Raffield began the family tradition of Charter fishing. Tourism in the area had just begun booming and Capt. Sparkie saw an opportunity to take people fishing and show him his passion for the trade. Captain Sparkie fished these waters for 60+ years and shared everything he knew with his son, Leveral Raffield. As a boy, Leveral spent most of his days helping his dad down at the dock and learning from his vast knowledge of fishing. At the young age of 8 years old he remembers how passionate his dad was to show people how to fish. Captain Leveral chose to follow in his dad and his ancestors' footsteps and continue the family tradition of fishing along the beautiful coast of Panama City, so began Family Tradition Charters.


He received his Captain's license at 18 and has been captaining for 40 years. In 1988, also the year him and his late wife Kim got married he bought his very first boat. He named it Family Tradition after so many that came before him. The Raffield family truly has the utmost passion and respect for fishing and you will quickly share that passion with them when you first arrive to the boat! His fishing spots have been handed down from generation to generation including private reefs built by Leveral himself You are guaranteed to always be fishing the hottest spots.

Capt. Leveral Raffield, a fourth-generation fisherman, moved his charter boats into the marina in Historic St Andrews, where his father and grandfather had docked all through his childhood. Historic St Andrews is an up and coming area in Panama City with lots of locally owned restaurants and shops. There is a wonderful farmer's market on Saturdays as well!


One of Captain Leveral's favorite sayings is: "Today is a great day because we are alive. Going fishing is just extra so let's go Make some Memories." Captain Leveral was married to Kim Raffield for 25 years and they had 3 children together: Cody, Clarence and Crystal, along with his eldest son Nick from a previous marriage. Cody has 4 beautiful children: Reese, Jase, Kimberly and Willow. Clarence and his wife Hannah have an amazing little boy named, Tripp. And we are thrilled that his daughter Crystal is expecting her first son, Berkley Case.



Capt. Raffield and his family


Old Raffield Family Charter Boat


Capt. Raffield's Father

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